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Pokemart come in and enjoy Empty Pokemart come in and enjoy

Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:16 am

The Pokemart, which is conviniently located right next to the Pokemon Center, is the place to find all your pokemon needs! "come on in mam or sir!" The salesman from behind the counter calls to you. "Come see what I have in stock!" You approached the glass counter, and saw these items for sale:

Pokeball -- $100 ea.

Antidote -- $50 ea.

Paralyze Heal -- $150 ea.

Awakening -- $100 ea.

Potion -- $150 ea.

"We also have a special going on," the man said. "If you buy five of any one item, you get a sixth one free! Oh, and being as young as you are, see if you would be interested in these:" the man said, pulling a box from under the counter out. Opening it, you saw:

Gummy Bears (raises happiness .5 level) -- $125 a bag

Chocolate Bar (raises happiness 1 level) -- $200 a bar

Pine Sap and Maple Syrup (raises happiness 1.5 levels) -- $300 a bottle

"That Pine Sap and Maple Syrup is a local delicacy. The pokemon just lick it all up!" The salesman exclaimed, seeing you eye the unusual item.

Being the smart shopper you are, you decide to...

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