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Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:27 am

First, here is an explaination of the berries and the advantages of pokeblocks in this rpg. This is also stated in "Contest Rules".

Berries and Pokeblocks: What They Do

Berries can be obtained by finding them in your journey, through special events such as promos, or some wild pokemon might be caught holding them. You can also buy and grow your own berries in the Berry Nursery. Berries can be used for contests. Here are some of the berries we use, along with their effects:

Cheri Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes red block, ups Coolness one level

Chesto Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes blue block, ups Beauty one level

Pecha Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes pink block, ups Cuteness one level

Rawst Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes green block, ups Smartness one level

Aspear Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes yellow block, ups Toughness one level

Oran Berry*: Contest/Pokeblock: mix with other berry listed above to up that contest type (beauty, cool, etc.) ups two levels

Persim Berry: Contest/Pokeblock: makes pink block, ups Cuteness one level

We use most berries in the crimson region. To check what what each berry does, reference Serebii's Berrydex. The flavor of the berry would add one point to the pokeblock for each flavor the berry has. Flavors translate as thus:

spicy - cool
dry - beauty
sweet - cute
sour - tough
bitter - smart

You need at least two berries to use the berry blender, and the blocks created will be added to your profile saying what level of block it is (ex: you blend an oran and a rawst so you get a level 2 green pokeblock, meaning it ups your pokemon's smartness two levels.) You cannot blend together more than 4 berries in one pokeblock.

A pokemon's max is ten levels per flavor (a maxed out pokemon would have Beauty: 10, Coolness: 10, etc...) and each berry used in a pokeblock raises a certain stat one level. If you blend an oran berry with two other different berries, we'll say chesto and persim, then the pokeblock would be a purple level 4: +2 cute lvs. and +2 beauty lvs.

The advantage of using berries/pokeblocks: when you enter a contest, your appeals 'grades' are raised by 5% per level of the type of contest you are in. So if you are in a tough contest and your pokemon has a level 2 toughness (of 10), and your initial judge score is a 79 (max score is 100), then your new score because of your toughness level would be 89! Cool deal eh? You cannot receive a score over 100 for the preliminary round, even if your pokemon is maxed out. (So if you score an 80 in the Beauty Contest, and your pokemon's Beauty is 10, you will get a score of 100, not 130. However, if there is a tie between two pokemon that both score 100 in the preliminary round, this advantage will be taken into account.)

How to make Pokeblocks

To make your pokeblocks, simply post in this topic stating which berries you are blending. A mod will then add the pokeblock to your profile and remove the used berries.

If you have any more questions regarding pokeblocks/berries, feel free to pm me.

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