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Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:46 am

There are a variety of stores to wander through, and here is what they offer:

Tobi Shack:

Fresh Water - $100
Soda Pop - $125
Lemonade - $150
Tea - $100 (same as soda pop, but lowers happiness -.5)

Lava Cookie - $200
Rare Candy - $400

Tobi's Vitamin Shoppe:

Protien (attack)
Calcium (special attack)
Iron (defense)
Carbos (speed)
Zinc (special defense)

$300 each (each raise named base stat and happiness +1)

Mental Herb - $50
White Herb - $200
Revival Herb - $225 (lowers happiness -1)
Heal Powder - $175 (lowers happiness -1)
Energy Root - $125 (lowers happiness -1)

Toni's Rock Shop:

Leaf Stone
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Thunder Stone
Ice Stone
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Awakening Stone
Light Stone
Dark Stone

$450 each

Everstone - $35
Hard Stone - $50

Tobi's fasion stand:

Focus Band - $50
Black Belt - $50
Silk Scarf - $50
Choice Band - $50

Red Scarf (cool)
Yellow Scarf (tough)
Green Scarf (smart)
Blue Scarf (beauty)
Pink Scarf (cute)

$75 each

Amulet Coin - $150 (doubles money earned)
Mystic Water - $50

Tobi's Magical Musique:

Blue Flute (cures sleep)
Red Flute (cures inflatuation)
Yellow Flute (cures confusion)
Black Flute (repels wild pokemon)
White Flute (attracts wild pokemon)

$300 each

Shell Bell - $200 (restores health during battle)
Smoothe Bell - $250 (raises happiness by +.5 more for each battle won)
Poke Flue - $275

To shop, post which stores you visited and what you purchased from each store. Then your profile will be updated. If you are not sure what an item does, pm me or check here or here. Have fun shopping!

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