Pokemart come in and enjoy

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Pokemart come in and enjoy Empty Pokemart come in and enjoy

Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:12 pm

you see a man that looked like the one from before. "please come in look around and let me know if you would like anything."

you first came to these items:

Pokeball -- $100 ea.

Antidote -- $50 ea.

Paralyze Heal -- $150 ea.

Awakening -- $100 ea.

Potion -- $150 ea.

Super Potion -- $300 ea.

Greatball -- 600 ea.

then you came to the pokemons candy:

Gummy Bears (raises happiness .5 level) -- $125 a bag

Chocolate Bar (raises happiness 1 level) -- $200 a bar

Supereame Pokemon food +10 happeness -- $500 a can
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