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Post  Suicune Trainer on Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:26 pm

1. Fist make sure you have read the rules. That is very important. Next go to The Crimson Lab to meet professer Crimson. Tell her what starter you want and if you wish to be a pokemon ranger, trainer, coordantior, breeder or a mix of some. like this ranger/trainer, breeder/ranger, coordinatior/ranger, trainer/coordinator, breeder/trainer, breeder/coordinator, also tell her if your a boy or a girl your name what you look like (can use pic for this), your starter and what you wish to nickname it (if you want it nick named) and what nature it has.

2. after that request a professer assistant that will rp with you for two places. if you do not request one then you may not have anyone to rp with. after those two places you may request annother assistant to rp with you or you can ask your current one. make sure you request one.

3. next go to Goodbye town to say goodbye to your family and begin your journy.
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