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Post  Mike_Lightning on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:16 pm

A boy that looks like this Mike Lightnings Profile Hiei__pokemon_trainer_version_by_uchiha_hiei-d38p3f2 walked into the pokemon lab seeing professer crimson. to his suprise the professer was a girl but he didnt care. He walked in and looked at the pokemon then noticed another suprise there were pokemon from an electric group he went up and selected one of them he had selected Minum and it was perfect it was a male Minun. He wasnt going to nick name it so he went up to the professer and told "her that it had a blod personality and that he wanted to be a breeder and trianer." The professer turned to him and smiled "ok as a breeder you also get a female plusle egg thats about to hatch it should hatch right before you start your journy." he smiled and put it in a case then he also reseaved a pokedex and a badge case. "good luck on your journy." she said as he left with his pokemon.

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Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:25 pm

(you are free to post in goodbye village)

Trainer/Breeder info:


Mike Lightnings Profile Minun
bold nature
name: Minun
level: 5
gender: male
other attacks:
item: oran berry

Mike Lightnings Profile Plusle
joyful nature
status: hatched the day he started his journy
name: plusle
level: 1
gender: female
other attacks:
item: none

Mike Lightnings Profile Spr_4h_172N
Brave nature
name: Pichu
level: 6
gender: Male
other attacks: ThunderPunch
item: none

Mike Lightnings Profile Spr_4d_263
level: 4
gender: Male
other attacks:none
item: none

Mike Lightnings Profile Spr_4d_263
name: Zigzagoon
level: 3
gender: Female
other attacks:none
item: none

egg case
2 pokeballs
badge case

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Suicune Trainer

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