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A female trainer, in her teens, entered the Lab. She had long brown hair, which was in a low ponytail at the moment, and bright blue eyes that was filled with excitement. She was finally able to begin her journey as a Ranger/Breeder. She had to think for a while, on the way to the Lab, on what she will like to do and those two stick to her mind. She smiled when she saw her choice of Pokemon and decided to start with Snivy. A male that she named Apollo. She also hope that he had a brave nature and she wondered if she will get a female to help her on her quest at becoming a breeder. Once she made her choice she went over to where she saw Professor Crimson and said, "Hey Professor Crimson I would like to start with male Snivy with a brave nature and I'm going to call him Apollo, also, I'm going to be a Ranger/Breeder." She didn't want to ask if she could have a female to go with Apollo because she didn't want to sound greedy. She will let the Professor decide if she will give her another Pokemon that is female to help her along with her breeding quest.
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