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Your first pokemon contest Empty Your first pokemon contest

Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:40 am

Being the skill equivalant of the first two pokemon gyms, this is your first pokemon contest. You approach the doors nervously, not entirely sure what to expect. Upon entering, you find yourself in a large lobby. The walls are lined with pictures of former contest winners. Scanning a few of them, you see a framed picture of a confident looking young girl proudly sporting a yellow contest ribbon with a tough looking hitmontop by her side, and a yellow background. Next to that is another picture, this time with a pink background, of a young girl cuddling a bunnery with a pink ribbon attached to it. Turning away from the pictures, for there were several more on the wall, you saw the lobby was dotted with other coordinators doing last minute preparations with their pokemon before entering the soon to start contest.

"Excuse me," A voice says from nearby. Locating it, you see its the voice of the woman standing behind the contest registration counter. "Can I help you with something?" She says to you. "Are you here to enter the contest? If so, please come over here and register. I need to know which contest you are entering, which league you wish to participate in, and which pokemon you will use for the contest, and I need to see your Contest Pass."

Post in this forum your responce if you feel you are ready to enter your first contest!
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