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Post  Suicune Trainer on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:48 am

"May I help you?" Said a rather stern-looking clerk from behind the counter. Seeing that you were a potential buyer, the clerk continued, "We have many items in stock right now, and have a promotion in this city for Paraylze Heals. They are half the price here than they are in other Cities and Towns. Also, to try and outdo our competitors, we have the promotion of 'buy five get one free' for any item." Here was the list of available goodies to buy:

Pokeball -- $100 ea.

Greatball -- $150 ea.

Antidote -- $50 ea.

Paralyze Heal -- $75 ea.

Ice Heal -- $150 ea.

Burn Heal -- $150 ea.

Awakening -- $100 ea.

Potion -- $150 ea.

Super Potion -- $200 ea.

Gummy Bears (raises happiness .5 level) -- $125 a bag

Chocolate Bar (raises happiness 1 level) -- $200 a bar

Sharp Beak (hold item, raises flying type moves) -- $250 ea.

Random Berry -- $50 ea.

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